The sacrament of Confirmation is necessary to complete the Sacraments of Initiation. By the sacrament of Confirmation the baptized are more perfectly bound to the Christ who sends us as His witness in the world. If your child is in Grade 8 please complete the registration form and submit to the office. Attendance at a Confirmation parent meeting is required. If you are an adult and wish to receive Confirmation, please complete and submit the form and a Parish Priest will contact you.

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Good morning everyone, 

I hope and pray that you are keeping safe and staying courageous in these challenging and confusing times. I unfortunately must share some disappointing news with you.  After much prayer and discernment, myself, Fr Murray and our new Pastor Fr Daniel Bonbardier, have decided to postpone the celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation to this year's group of candidates, to the fall. 
Please know that this was not an easy decision for all. Fr Murray Sample will be retiring this July 4th, has been St Michael's Pastor for the past 16 yrs. and has been a priest for over 40. Our Community will welcome Fr Daniel Bonbardier, on July 5th. Our pastoral team will also be away with some much-needed time to rest, spend time with family and re-energize ourselves for the fall. We will look forward in October to welcome all families to come celebrate the Sacrament as we did with the previous group im 2020, where we again had to cancel because of covid, reconvened in October and for 1 week, we celebrated together every night in an organized and alphabetical manner. We will try to accommodate everyone to the best of our abilities.