St. Michael's Parish in London was established by his Lordship Bishop Fallon in October 1911.  Till that time the Catholic people of the northern part of the city and London Township attended the Cathedral.  This was the fourth parish to be created in London. Father Hanlon, pastor of St. Patrick’s, Biddulph, was appointed to the charge of the new parish.  He immediately took up his new residence in the north end and began the work of organizing the parish.  St. Nicholas School on Cheapside St. had been serving the children of this district since 1882 and the pastor was able to commence holding services in the school. The first Mass was celebrated in the little school on November 12, 1911. 

Previously, property had been procured by the Bishop for the new church and school on the Maitland Street corner of Cheapside.  As this property is situated in proximity to the highest point within the limits of the City of London, it proved an ideal site for the Church, all the more so because it is in the very centre of the parish. Under the able direction of Father Hanlon, who already had to his credit the erection of two churches, the work of building the church, parochial house and school, and the collection of funds for this work, went on rapidly. The current Church of St. Michael’s was built in 1970.