Pastor`s Message


Dear Friends,

As Parish Administrator of St. Michael’s Parish, I welcome you to our parish website. If you are searching for a spirit-filled community to call home, I hope that you will visit our parish. What kind of parish is St. Michael’s? We strive to be a welcoming Eucharistic community sharing faith and reaching out to all. We respect the dignity of all whom we meet.

St. Michael’s is a parish that is dedicated to the vision of the Second Vatican Council. What does that mean? Come and see. Please accept our invitation to join us at the Table of the Lord. We look forward to meeting you. It is my hope that you will find this community to be welcoming, compassionate and caring.

In conjunction with our Parish Pastoral Council, we are working toward the implementation of our Family of Parishes. The plan is that our parish will be activated in a Family of Parishes in July 2022.

Our Family of Parishes includes:

· St. Peter’s Cathedral

· St. Michael’s Parish

· St. Josephine Bakhita African Caribbean Catholic Community

The model of Family of Parishes is fairly new to us in the Diocese of London, but we have been working with and learning from other dioceses that have similar models of parish organization. Our goal is to ensure that the transition over the next year is as smooth as possible.

Families of Parishes will create the stability needed that will allow our parishes to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and to form intentional disciples. This is our goal; this is the mission of the Church. The transition will lead us to focus on this mission.

Nothing will change until July 2022, but you will hear about the changes that we will have to make in order to work together as a Family of Parishes. We will be looking for your input on some of these changes in due course.

Like all families that grow and change, there will be bumps, bruises, and blessings on the way, but this change will open us up to new and marvelous ways of witnessing to Jesus in our world, our diocese, and our neighbourhood.

Let us pray to the Holy Spirit and to our patron saints for the success of this endeavour.

Bishop Fabbro said, “As we embark on a whole new model for our parishes, we need to keep foremost in our minds the heart of our mission: the joyful proclamation of the Good News of God’s immense, merciful love. All of our efforts are to be oriented to this mission, directed to this mission, focussed on this mission.”

May our good God bless us abundantly as we continue this faith journey.

Pastor Daniel Bombardier