Privacy Statement


It is our commitment to provide on this website, to the best of our ability, information which conforms to the moral teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.  Should errors be found on our site our sole responsibility, when notified, will be to make the appropriate correction in a timely fashion. We are unable to research, and thus cannot guarantee the accuracy of, articles reprinted on our site. One of the aims of this site is to encourage and enhance communication between our Parish members. Please regard any article which you consider to be controversial with charity and patience.

Privacy - We will not knowingly sell, lease or divulge it to a third party, however, note that we are bound by applicable Federal and Provincial laws and are obliged to disclose private information to the appropriate law enforcement agencies when ordered ( eg – court order or subpoena).

St. Michael’s Parish is the sole owner of all information on our website. Reproduction of photographs containing identifiable persons requires their written consent.  For their protection children whose photographs are published on the website will not be identified by name.

Future considerations  - Should you have a parish-related non-commercial event which you wish to have publicized on our website we will do our best to oblige. All notices must be approved by the St. Michael’s Pastoral Team prior to publication.

Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions about our policies or if you have suggestions for improvement. This policy is reviewed periodically and is subject to change without notice.