Protocols for Attending Mass

PROTOCOLS FOR ATTENDING CHURCHAs we continue to hold Masses for the public and have started Sacramental delivery, some of our families are still starting to return to Mass. This will provide a basic list of details that every person attending St. Michael's Parish should know.

  • Doors open 30 minutes prior to weekday Masses and 45 minutes prior to weekend Masses.
  •  Please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to Mass starting as doors are closed promptly at Mass times.
  • The only doorway for entry is the single door at Cheapside Street (North East).
  • Masks  must be worn as part of the City of London by-law and the Diocese direction.
  • Registration is required for weekend Masses and all Sacramental Masses.
  • Your name will be checked off by one of our Ministers of Hospitality as you enter.
  • All members of a group should arrive together.
  • Weekday Masses do not require a reservation, but your name will be checked off upon entry.
  • There is only ONE single use washroom available for Emergency use only. Please remember this as part of your preparations to arrive.
  • Our Ministers of Hospitality are key to re-opening safety and success. They are involved at check-ins, hand sanitization, seating, and organized movement of the public. Their role is vital and their instructions are to be respected and followed. There are no exceptions.
  • Only family members who are in each other's 'bubble' will be permitted to sit together without the physical distancing between them.
  • Our pew spaces have been sectioned off and marked for appropriate distance seating.
  • Our floors have been marked with appropriate distancing. Please move through the spaces with this respect for others space in mind.
  • There is no singing during Mass.
  • The celebration of the Eucharist also has a managed flow. When coming to receive communion, stop at the final line in front of the Priest, reverence the host (bow) the Priest will say "The Body of Christ", you reply with "Amen", step forward, receive the host, step to the side 'X' marked on the floor, remove your mask slightly to ingest the Host, replace your mask and then follow the return movement to your pew.
  • Exiting the Church will always be done in sections and will always be from the Maitland Street doors. (West side).
  • During inclement weather, please bring an umbrella as you may be waiting for entry outside the Church.
  • Please note that the Church is properly sanitized after each Mass.

We look forward to welcoming you back to celebrate with each us and each other.