First Reconciliation

The sacrament of Penance is an encounter with the mercy of God. It is a recognition that one has failed in their relationship with God and the Church. It is the very essence of the reason that Christ came and died for us. If your child is in Grade 2 then complete the registration form and submit to the office. Attendance at a First Reconciliation parent meeting is required. If you are a person beyond Grade 2 and wish to celebrate this sacrament, please fill out the form, indicate that you are beyond Grade 2 and you will be contacted by a Parish Priest for preparation before receiving this sacrament for the first time. Baptismal certifiactes can be scanned as a PDF and emailed to the Parish Office.​The Fee for the Sacramental materials is $25. This can be paid at the Parish or via the DONATE page on the website.

Read: A Letter to Parents

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