Volunteers Needed

As you are aware for the past year and a half, we have been holding public Mass under the protocols of COVID-19. These measures have been designed by the Diocese with the directives of both public health and the well being of the public in mind. These protocols require a good number of volunteers at each Mass. From Ministers of Hospitality to seat people and direct communion flow, registrations checked off, offertory presence to care for the gifts given and of course Lectors and Eucharsitic Ministers too. 

Most of our volunteers have been freely giving of their time and energy for this year and a half and in some cases, could use a well deserved break. This is why we would like you to consider how you can participate in this very important Ministry. We can only continue to provide public Mass if we have the necessary supports in place to do so responsibly and safely. Please think about how you can help, how you can serve others in one or more than one of these important positions. When you are ready to explore giving the gift of your time, please speak to one of the parish team. Thank you.